Take a Look at All The Stages of Auto Body Repairs

Jul 31, 2015

Take a Look at All The Stages of Auto Body Repairs

Take a Look at All The Stages of Auto Body Repairs

While your car is being repaired in an auto body shop, it generally undergoes various stages which you might want to take a note of.

Whether it is collision repair, or any other normal fixtures, you would definitely want to consult an expert for the repair work. It is always advisable to go for an auto insurance plan which has basic repair coverage. Once the insurance will estimate and let you know the price, the repair process begins. However, make sure that you know what this process involves in order to save yourself from getting over priced.

Below are the different stages in which auto body repairs take place.


The insurance company always has a lead. They estimate how much cost would your car repairs take, how much they cover and how much you owe them. However you should also know that any hidden damages which are not detected on the spot will definitely be reiterated and recalculated. Once the insurance is approved for the accident repair, your actual repair process begins.

Dent causes paint chip off

When your cars have accident damage, there is a lot of chance that the paint may be chipped off. Hence a thorough paint check is needed to detect what needs to be repainted.visit us now from www.autobodyrepairelcajon.com

Preparing repaint work

It is equally important to identify the actual paint color of your car. Sometimes mechanics also suggest that a complete repainting may be needed as the right match may not be available as they come only with new cars. Auto body repair engineers can help identify the right color for your car. Once decided, paint will have to be ordered specially for your car. The old paint might have to scrapped off. Also the damaged area need to be prepared to strongly hold the new paint. This is the right time to clean the dust and debris.

Actual painting job

This is a very meticulous job. The air pressure and guns are adjusted as per the viscosity of your paint. After the paint coating hot air is blown. Once the painting work is complete, the auto body repair mechanic scraps off the bumper and starts repairing the bumper scuff.

Don’t you care about the Lacquer?

When you apply at the most 3 coats of paint, then you can get your desired finish and each time laquer is applied before painting. The car body will need to be given a hot air bath; hence it is kept in the oven for about 6 hours or so.

After curing…

Auto Body Repairs

Once your vehicle is cured, then the finishing process is the last part of the auto body repair. Different variety of polishes and compounds are applied to give the lusty look of a new vehicle. Hence you must have noticed, if you give your vehicle for the auto body work, then you can expect the glin your vehicle.read more from http://finance.yahoo.com/news/abra-auto-body-glass-acquires-191500827.html

It is not advisable to settle for cheaper price repairs in case you have to go for accident repair work although you may find many auto shops who offer low price services. This not only reduces your car’s worth, but also does not give a good look for your car when the finishing is done. If you think you have selected an expert repairer, then make sure to check out all the necessary services they offer to make your vehicle look and work better.

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