The Biggest Driving Pet Peeves Of All Times

Jul 31, 2015

The Biggest Driving Pet Peeves Of All Times

The Biggest Driving Pet Peeves Of All Times

We’ve all had incidents on the road where other drivers brought our patience to the test. Driving behaviors such slowing down in the passing lane, distracted driving and exiting at the very last minute are enough to challenge even the most calm and collected individuals. Here is a list of my personal driving pet peeves.

Slow Drivers In The Passing Lane

It is generally an unwritten rule that slower traffic should keep right and stay out of the fast lane. In some states drivers can even get a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic if they are going significantly slower than the flow of traffic. The far left lane is also known as the passing lane; cars who occupy this lane and going slower than average are preventing other vehicles from passing them on the left. As a result some drivers may try to pass them on the right instead which can be dangerous. One of the easiest way to circumvent this problem is to stay right if you intend on driving at a slower pace.

Distracted Drivers

One can generally spot a distratcted driver right away; it takes them at least five seconds to hit the gas once the light hits green and they seem to have delayed response time to just about everything. Once you look at the driver they usually always have their heads down and are engrossed in their smart phone. Studies have shown that distracted drivers may be just as disoriented as drunk drivers. Distracted drivers usually end up disrupting the flow of traffic because they forget to actually drive. Car makers like have addressed the situation by enabling Bluetooth compatibility on all their vehicles. Please use a hands-free device and save the texting and surfing until you are pulled over at a safe spot.

Bad Parking Jobs

One of the biggest pet peeves especially in major cities where parking is sparse are “bad parking jobs”. An example would be a medium sized compact vehicle that is taking up two parking spaces when it could easily fit into one. The caveat is that these vehicles generally do not get reprimanded or ticketed when parked in a private garage. Cars from automakers such as Dodge and Chrysler (available at are often equipped with a feature called Parking Assist which makes it easier than ever to park into a narrow space including parallel parking spots. Many recently produced autos are also available with a rearview camera which makes it easier to back up. Most bad parking jobs are generally a result of being in a hurry and a lack of courtesy for other drivers.

Last Minute Mergers

Another pet peeve are last minute mergers who decide at the very last second to merge across five lanes of highway traffic in order to make their exit of choice. Planning ahead should take care of this; most modern autos also come with navigation systems which announce the upcoming exit ahead of time. Undoubtedly there may be a few incidents where one is driving in unfamiliar territory and struggling to find the right exits. However, drivers who knowlingly merge at the very last second are creating a more stressful driving environment for everyone else.learn more here..

Not Turning Headlights On At Night

safety hazards

One of the biggest safety hazards in my opinion are drivers who choose to drive with their headlights turned off at night; it’s almost impossible at times to see them coming. Most modern autos are equipped with headlamps that are automatically turned off once it gets darker. It would be a good idea to enable this feature.

Written by Jacqueline Star – Jacqueline is an author who enjoys writing about automotive related subjects.

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